Apple's Foundation is coming back for a third season

(Loosely) based on the Isaac Asimov book by the same name

Apple's Foundation is coming back for a third season
Image: Apple

Here's some good news: Apple has renewed its space opera series Foundation for a third season. The series is (roughly) based on Isaac Asimov's take on the fall of civilizations, Foundation, and it premiered on the company's streaming service back in September 2021.

Asimov’s empire
How Foundation became the story that powered space opera

The show's an interesting one: it definitely takes its liberties with Asimov's original stories. That led plenty of fans to grouse about how it wasn't a good adaptation, but I felt that most of those changes made some amount of sense and were improvements in some places, even if some of the episodes did some bone-headed things. You can go back through some of the old recaps here.

What I did really like about that first season is that it felt like the start to an interesting conversation about imperialism in ways that the book really didn't approach, but which a lot of modern SF/F is: look at books like Ann Leckie's Ancillary Justice (from which this series seemed to have cribbed some ideas) or C.L. Clarke's The Unbroken.

I haven't actually gotten a chance to sit down and watched the second season yet: I just rewatched the entirety of Andor, which feels like it's playing with those same building blocks, although doing so in a much, much better fashion.

But it's good to know that Season 2 won't be the end: the show's creators have spoken about how they've put together a long-term plan for the show, and it's nice to see that we'll actually get to see more of what they have in store. Given how reality has come crashing down on streaming services in the last couple of years, getting new seasons of shows that we're enjoying isn't a sure thing.