RIP Kevin Conroy

RIP Kevin Conroy
Image: Warner Bros. 

Legendary Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy has died, DC Comics reported yesterday. For a ton of people, he was the definitive Batman, and given how prolific he's been in recent years (he was voicing the character in a new, highly-anticipated animated Batman series called Batman: Caped Crusader), the news came as a complete shock to fans. According to DC, he died due after a short battle with cancer. 66 is far too young.

Kevin Conroy, Preeminent Voice of Batman, Passes Away at Age 66
Actor Kevin Conroy, the most beloved voice of Batman in the animated history of the character, died Thursday at age 66 after a short battle with cancer.

I never really grew up with TV in the 1990s, so I sort of missed out on the era of Conroy as the definitive Batman. But there is one memory that I have of his character and the show: "Feat of Clay", which I must have watched at my grandmother's house (who had cable), because I distinctly remember Matt Hagen getting horribly transformed by a substance called Renuyu into Clayface. It's a series that definitely left an impression. Another great thing to check out about this series is Kaptainkristian's video essay "Batman – Evolving the Legend", which delves into why Batman: The Animated Series has endured for so many years and across generations.

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