I love watching a craftsperson at work

Watch this great Tears of the Kingdom hoverbike come to life

I love watching a craftsperson at work
Image: 勤桑和瑶酱

I've been sinking a lot of hours into Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the sequel to Breath of the Wild. I've always had an affinity for the Zelda franchise, ever since my parents got me a Gameboy with Link's Awakening. Breath of the Wild holds a particularly special place in my heart, given that it was a fresh take on the franchise with a phenomenal open world, and because I have a ton of very happy memories playing it with Bram, who was a little over 4 at the time. (His Halloween costume that year was of Link's Hylian outfit)

So, Tears of the Kingdom has been a lot of fun: Bram's a bit older now, and he's been breezing through the game quicker than I have, and it's been fun to play alongside him and revisit this really incredible world with some new eyes. The game's quite a bit different: there's new abilities, tools, and monsters, and it's enough that it's still fresh and exciting. One of the things that I've enjoyed quite a bit is a feature called Ultrahand, which allows you to fuse items together into all sorts of configurations. Couple that with some neat technologies, and you can make all sorts of neat things. My favorite thus far? A hover bike, which has two big fans joined together by a control stick, allowing you to glide over Hyrule's landscapes with ease.

It's an elegant vehicle, and when I came across this very cool video from a Japanese maker, I was captivated. She 3D printed the entire model, and over the course of the video, you get to see her print, assemble, paint it. I always like watching craftspeople at work, and this is a cool example of watching someone making something complicated look easy. You can see it in how she's taped off the different things for painting, how everything snaps together nicely, and how it just looks beautiful by the end.

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