Babylon 5: the reboot

Well, this is unexpected.

Babylon 5: the reboot
Image: Warner Bros. 

Remember just a couple of weeks ago when I wrote about how Babylon 5 would make for a great world to continue and that there were signs that that might be happening? Turns out that I read some of those tea leaves correct: the series is coming back. What I didn't quite expect is that it looks like J. Michael Straczynski is starting over from scratch.

Here's the news that I wrote up for after the news broke on The Hollywood Reporter, but the short version is that Straczynski and The CW are teaming up for a "from-the-ground-up reboot" of the original show. Straczynski will serve as executive producer and will write a script for the show.

The plot description from THR notes that the show will follow John Sheridan as he arrives on Babylon 5, and that he'll arrive at a time after an Earth exploration ship accidentally uncovers an ancient civilization that will alter the future of humanity.