HBO is reportedly developing an animated Game of Thrones series

HBO is reportedly developing an animated Game of Thrones series

It looks like Warner Bros. is working hard to expand its existing IP to build out its library of original content for new streaming service, HBO Max. Last week, word broke that the network was in the early stages of developing an adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s Westeros-set Dunk & Egg series, and earlier this week, that they’d been talking about a live-action Harry Potter series.

Now, it looks as though the studio is thinking about going back to Westeros again: The Hollywood Reporter says that it’s been told HBO is working on an animated Game of Throne series.

When Game of Thrones (pictured above) wrapped up a couple of years ago, HBO made it clear that they’re planning on sticking with Martin’s world for a while, and put a half-dozen ideas into development. Of those projects, one, House of the Dragon—a series set three centuries before the main series—made it through development to a series order.

It looks as though that won’t be the only one any longer: HBO wants a larger connected universe of shows, and is apparently exploring the feasibility of a Dunk & Egg series (which would come between House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones), along with another entry in the franchise, this “adult-leaning” animated series. There aren’t any other details on what the series will be about, but THR claims that they are “working directly with Martin on building out the sprawling Game of Thrones world.”

THR noted that there are other ideas “being kicked around” for the franchise, and that while the plans to continue predated Disney’s big push with the Star Wars and Marvel brands, the arrival of HBO Max is prompting the network to come up with more ideas.

Leaning into those existing brands makes sense for Warner Bros., on the assumption that if fans enjoyed one project, they’ll come back for more. Already, the streaming service has announced projects that tie into some of its big tentpole films, like Dune, The Batman, and The Suicide Squad. If that holds true, it looks like we’ll be exploring Westeros for a very long time to come.