Here are the winners of the 2023 Nebula Award!

A good slate of winners from over the weekend

Here are the winners of the 2023 Nebula Award!
Image: Andrew Liptak

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association held its Nebula conference over the weekend in California, and as part of its programming was the Nebula Awards ceremony. It's one of the bigger awards in the SF/F world, and this year's slate of finalists was an excellent one.

Here are the winners:

  • Best Novel: Babel, R.F. Kuang
  • Best Novella: Even Though I Knew the End, C.L. Polk
  • Best Novelette: If You Find Yourself Speaking to God, Address God with the Informal You”, John Chu
  • Best Short Story:Rabbit Test”, Samantha Mills
  • Andre Norton Award for Middle Grade and Young Adult Fiction: Ruby Finley vs. the Interstellar Invasion, K. Tempest Bradford
  • Ray Bradbury Award for Outstanding Dramatic Presentation: Everything Everywhere All at Once, Dan Kwan, Daniel Scheinert
  • Nebula Award for Game Writing: Elden Ring, Hidetaka Miyazaki, George R.R. Martin
  • SFWA Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award: Robin McKinley
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  • The Infinity Award: Octavia E. Butler (posthumous)
  • The Kate Wilhelm Solstice Award: Cerece Rennie Murphy and Greg Bear (posthumous)
RIP Greg Bear
A titan of science fiction
  • The Kevin J. O'donnell Jr. Service to SFWA Award: Mishell Baker

All in all, a good set of winners. I was pleased to see Babel take home the award for Best Novel: that was one of my favorites of 2022. I was also pleased to see the announcement of the Infinity Award not too long ago: a way for SFWA to posthumously honor some of the authors who'd otherwise have gotten the Grandmaster Award in their lifetime.